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Our Server

DeVcon1 aMWAdmin posted Sep 22, 16

We are now running a Dedicated 

64- Bit x2 Quad core Xeon 

4Gb dedicated more if needed

2x 750gb raid HDD

Any Donation to the server will

now go towards future upgrades

and website. As well as running

cost! :)

Volimance MWAdminMemberIs the map still around?
DeVcon1 MWAdmin  No removed the map for now as we are on low memory as i cant afford much atm, and dynmap takes a good chunk of space :(
Volimance MWAdminMemberWow, the server restart warning actually happens when the server restarts now. Neat.
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Volimance MWAdminMemberThis isn't a complaint or a bug report, but I will say that for me (and my son) spawn is deeply laggy. It's beautiful and I wouldn't change a thing, but it is laggy enough that when using /back from their, we usually end up dead again.
DeVcon1 MWAdmin  Im looking at changing a few things around spawn with the furniture plugin being one as ive noticed myself it can cause lag if to much in the same chunks etc.
sheldon_98   registered to MWCAFT
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Volimance MWAdminMemberOkay a couple of questions/statements:

Shulkers are rare objects if you compare them to how damned useful shulker boxes are. On a server that's active, forget about it. You'll be out of easily available shulkers in a heartbeat. Any objections if I make a shulker farm that is communal?

I never even checked, but are they being sold in the main village?

I'd probably put the farm together in such a way so that getting to the farm or activating requires more than just /homeshulkerfarm if you get my drift. Like you have to payout a certain cost. I dunno, thoughts? Basically Shulkerboxes and the kind of storage and item transport systems they can support have got me all fired up again.
Volimance MWAdminMember  Also (and this isn't a request just a question) Are we gonna reset any of the words when 1.12 comes out? Do you still reset the end on a monthly basis?
DeVcon1 MWAdmin  Yes still reset the end once a month, sometimes fortnightly if needed. wont be restarting worlds but will be adding new world for 1.12 support.
Volimance MWAdminMember  Sorry about the nth degree. Just trying to figure out what I want to do when I get back to server play! I know I sort of want to start over from the beginning again, but not exactly a day one start over.
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